No Fairy Tales

The Grimm Brothers told fairy tales. So do some grim contractors and builders. Let’s talk about some common contractor fairy tales and what you can expect from New Age Construction, one of Los Angeles’s most trusted home remodeling contractor. “Sure…we can build your project on that budget.” We can’t and neither can anyone else if the budget is unrealistic. Such contractors are either making promises they won’t keep or planning on writing multiple change orders as a back-door way of increasing the final overall contract price. Therefore, the low bid may not always be the best way to go. Unsuspecting homeowners often learn too late that an unscrupulous contractor knew they could not complete the home remodel for the homeowners’ original budget and have now limited the options available to the homeowner. We put all of our exceptional knowledge, experience, and expertise at your disposal during the design phase to make certain our estimate is complete and will realistically meet your design aspirations and allocated budget

Fairy Tale #1

“It won’t make much of a mess.” Yes, it will. Construction is especially messy work when there’s demolition involved, as with a room addition or complete kitchen renovation project. We pay close attention to minimizing the dust and debris, clean up thoroughly after ourselves every day, and are always respectful of your family and your home.

Fairy Tale #2

“There won’t be too much noise.” Yes, there will be construction noise and we won’t pretend otherwise. We strive to mitigate or eliminate unnecessary noise including loud radios or equipment left needlessly idling to minimize the disruption to you or to your neighbors.

Fairy Tale #3

“We always use only the finest products.” What does “finest” mean? Your product choices and budget establish what we use for your project. We carefully and completely explain the options. We help you determine how your product selections will work within your defined budget, and help identify alternative products that may be better suited to your needs and budget.

Fairy Tale #4

“We’ll be done in no time.” Well, perhaps no time they’re really committed to. Each project comes with a realistic schedule based on its complexity. If we encounter unexpected delays, we alert you at that stage and provide an adjusted timeline if required. We don’t wait until the last day, as we think surprises should be saved for birthday parties.

Fairy Tale #5

“Sure we’re licensed and insured.” Licensed to do what? Insured by whom? For how much? New Age Construction encourages all homeowners to check the Contractors State License Board as well as the local Better Business Bureau to verify a general contractor’s credentials before selecting a remodeling partner. Each general contractor should be currently licensed in the state of California, fully insured, carry the appropriate worker’s compensation insurance, and be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Fairy Tale #6

“You don’t need a permit to do that. In fact, I can give you a better price if we don’t pull a permit.” Any time you are moving plumbing, electrical or gas services a permit is required by law. Remodeling your home without the appropriate permit(s) may save you a few dollars now, but possibly with potential legal risk and financial headaches down the road. New Age Constructions’ design and workmanship on each custom home or home remodel project is fully and properly permitted, reviewed and inspected for your safety, protection and peace of mind. Each city has its own building and permit requirements set forth to ensure the community’s overall safety and welfare are not put at risk.

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New Age Construction is the definitely a different Los Angeles home remodeling and custom home builder. What’s different?
Well, just about everything, from the moment we meet you until the time we complete your project.

We listen more than we talk.

It’s your dream, and we realize you know more about what you want than we do. That’s definitely different. Our job is to understand what you want, design it, and build it, while sharing our knowledge, expertise, and craftsmanship so that your remodeled home provides you with years of enjoyment.

It’s a business about people, not materials.

You have needs, hopes, goals—yes, dreams—for your remodel. For you, it’s not about yards of concrete or buckets of nails. It’s about the DREAM kitchen remodel or DREAM family room addition that will, for the first time, allow you to host the entire family this holiday. Or perhaps it is the DREAM master bathroom and bedroom that will serve as your ultimate retreat and sanctuary. We understand and celebrate that. We don’t want you to just be satisfied when we’re done. We want you to be excited. That’s definitely different.

Don’t apologize for having limits.

Every project has limits. Money. Time. Tolerance of disruption. You share your limitations and we listen and adjust. We don’t make you feel bad because the limits are there. That’s definitely different.
We make commitments, and keep them.

We do what we say we’ll do, for the amount we say we’ll do it for. That’s definitely different.

We want you to ask questions.

We understand you might know little or nothing (yet) about home remodeling or building a custom home. We think it’s good to ask questions. Our job is to supply the information. That’s definitely different.

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Remodeling Checklist

New Age Construction provides you with the following checklists that you are free to use. We hope you find them helpful, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about them.

Bathroom Remodeling Checklist


What do you like most about your current bathroom?
What do you dislike most about your current bathroom?
Are there currently enough bathrooms in the house for your family as it expands?  For children, teens or live-in relatives?


The bathroom will be a (master bath, child’s bath, guest bath, powder room).
Who will be the primary users of the bathroom (adults, children, guests)?
How many people will be using it? At one time?


What features would make the bath more comfortable?
Are there enough sinks and counter space available?
If multiple family members will share the bathroom, are separate, private bathing and vanity areas required?
For master suites, is there a need for separate his-and-hers dressing areas?
Do you prefer to take showers or baths? If you like baths, would you prefer a tub and shower combination unit or separate facilities?
Would you like to install a whirlpool or steam shower?


What type of storage will you need in the new bathroom?  Will you need storage for cleaning agents, toiletries, linens, first aid items, hair appliances or medications?
Do you prefer closet storage over vanity storage?
Do you want a medicine cabinet in the vanity area?
Do you desire a bathroom linen closet? Will you be storing bedding items such as pillows, comforters or large quilts/blankets in this linen closet?

Other Considerations

Do you need additional lighting over a shower or bath? Around the vanity?
If there is a window, is it ideally situated for ventilation? Privacy?
What type of tile and countertop surfaces do you want to use?

General Contractor Checklist

Use this checklist to help identify the type of remodeling contractor best suited to you and your project:

Is the contractor licensed with the California State License Board (CSLB) as a General Contractor?  How long has the contractor been licensed?
Does the contractor have a permanent business location and a good reputation in your area? How long has he been in business?
Have you checked the Better Business Bureau to review the company’s track record within the community?
Have you verified that the contractor’s worker’s compensation and general liability insurance are valid and current?
Has the contractor completed projects like the one you are planning?
Will the contractor provide you with client references for projects both completed and in progress?
Will the contractor provide you with a complete and clearly written contract?
Will the contractor provide you with a written warranty upon completion?
Do you feel comfortable with the general contractor? Remember, you will be working closely with the contractor and crew from a couple to several months depending on the scope of work.

Kitchen Remodeling Checklist


What do you like most about your current kitchen?
What do you dislike most about your current kitchen?
Does the kitchen relate to adjacent rooms the way you would like?
What is the overall style preference for your new kitchen (contemporary, formal, traditional, country, other)?
Do you plan to use wood cabinetry in your new kitchen?
If yes, do you prefer light or dark wood?  Painted or faux finished?


What types of activities do you envision taking place within the kitchen (sit-down dining, laundry, homework, paying bills, computer center, phone/message center, other)?
Where does your family currently dine?  Where will they dine after the remodel?
If you want to eat family meals in your kitchen, how many people would you typically need to accommodate at mealtime?
Do you want your kitchen area to be open to a family room, den or other area?
Do you entertain? How often?  What is your entertainment style (formal or casual)?
Are your gatherings typically small or large?  Are they more mix-and-mingle or formal sit-down affairs? Do your guests help you in the kitchen?
If you are not using a dine-in kitchen table, what type of everyday seating would you use (bar stools, chairs, booth, bench seating or none)?
What entertainment features might you want to incorporate (e.g., separate beverage area, wine storage, glasses, etc.) into your kitchen design?

Cooking/Preparation Areas

Who is the primary cook in the family? What is the primary cooking style (quick and simple, family meals, gourmet meals, microwave meals)?
Is mealtime a family affair?  How many people are normally involved in food preparation?  Would additional or separate work areas be helpful?
Plan for the location of like items. For instance, the sink, dishwasher and recycling center might be adjacent; or you may want spices and cooking utensils near your stove/oven area.
Don’t forget traffic flow in and around your kitchen.  Is there a back door? Easy access to the fridge (the most frequently used kitchen appliance)?
Is there enough counter space for appliances you use every day?  Would you prefer these appliances be built-in or stored away?
Is there a gourmet in the family who requires special equipment such as an extra-large refrigerator, oven or cooktop?
Would a separate vegetable sink or indoor grill be ideal features?


How do you usually shop (by meal, for the week, in bulk, canned goods)?
Do you have enough accessible storage for bulk and everyday food items, Tupperware, entertaining/serving items?
Do you want to showcase any kitchenware or serving items in glass or cabinets?
Do you require any additional storage for items currently housed elsewhere in your home?  What about linens, fine china or other pieces that you may now keep in a hall closet, china hutch, attic or garage?
Do you need areas which are safeguarded from children?
Do you require a recycling center?


Do you need additional task lighting in specific work areas? More lighting overall?
Is the kitchen open to a shared family space?  Perhaps ambient or low-level cabinet lighting (above or below) would be beneficial?

Other Considerations

Are your appliances in good working order or will you need new, energy-efficient models?
What type of countertops do you envision?
Do you have enough electrical outlets/circuits in the right places to support food preparation on a large scale (e.g., Thanksgiving dinner for 12)?
If there is a window, is it ideally situated for a view of the backyard, garden or other preferred area?  Does it let in enough light?
If there is a back door, is it ideally situated for access to the backyard, patio or entertaining areas?

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